Thursday, March 3, 2011

February flop - March 3, 2011

Between a broken bike and snow, the end of February was dismal for mileage ridden.  Not good, the first two months of the year and I am already behind 100 miles for my targets.  The upside is, the weather is getting nicer, there are a lot more work days in March and I hope to get on my summer bike a couple of times.  My goal is 600 miles this month…we will see.
I had a successful foray into a new/old steel frame.  Bike Works is a non-profit in Seattle and takes in donated bikes, teaches kids in the area how to recondition them and then helps them build their own.  They have a warehouse where they store the bikes before reconditioning.  I found a mid-line, mid-80s Schwinn for next to nothing.  After a quick swap of components (the ones on the bike where garbage) I was back in business.
“Take2”(name of the bike) has a little more aggressive handling but weighs a couple of pounds more.  It’s fine as a winter commuter but lacks the softness of the Motobecane.  After a couple of glitches with bolts needing to retightened, it has been good enough to get me to and from work.  I figure the extra weight will only help me with my winter training.
My biggest hope is that the weather will cooperate and I can take the Ibis out on Sunday for a quick ride.  I need to shake out any mechanicals after the winter and repairs and get little things done like my computer set back up to the bike.  I know it’s spring because I not only do I have an itch to get this done, but I made my commute both ways yesterday in the daylight.

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