Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I wish it would make up it's mind - March 29

The weather that is.  It's not even the weather, it's the inability of the forecasters to tell me what it is likely to do in the next 6 hours and be right.  I don't think it's their fault, it's the area.  The weather is...variable.

Why am I grumbling about it?  Because I took my winter bike to work two days running when there was a 90% chance of rain on all three sites I check, only to get up and find there not only isn't any rain, but the roads are dry.  I guess I shouldn't be greedy, it could be snowing or have hurricane like winds, but I need to get some miles in.

I have about 9 weeks of training before my big ride of the year and that means the Ibis and that means mostly dry roads (I won't hold out for sunshine).  Patience Scott.  Even with a very eventful May, I'm aiming to get in around 1200 miles (that plus some cool prizes from Cascade) or more.  I wouldn't mind being closer to 1500, then some more miles in the beginning of June before a week of rest preceding my ride.  Of course I will take as many miles now...as soon as the weather clears up!

Other quick notes: I've gotta learn to leave the damn rabbits alone, I shaved most of the hair off my head, I don't understand why vehicles feel the need to pull into the bike lane when they are stopping in traffic and I want some sun!

Done rant.

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