Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17 - Woo Hoo!

I got there a little later than I wanted to, but I crossed over 1000 miles recently.  Even if I didn’t change my riding between now and the end of the year, I would still be over 5000 miles.  Of course I am still aiming to be at 10,000. 
A few things this last week: I had the day of the old Ford trucks.  I don’t know what it was but I must have had 15 to 20 drive past me all within half an hour.  It was like everyone decided to go hunting after work all on the same day; weird.  I had very few rabbits to catch, in fact there was only one, and though he was a quick one I caught him before he turned.  I’m wondering if it has been the torrential rain and howling winds that have kept people off their bikes in the last little bit.
I have a small section of the BG that I ride right now because they have the road that I would normally take all torn up, with temporary lines and flashing lights and construction cones.  Not a place I want to be.  Anyhow, in the afternoon there are often a number of walkers, joggers and other bikes on the path I slow down for my safety and theirs.  I really don’t think that fast moving cyclists belong on MUTs, but that’s a different thread.  A cyclist goes past me in the opposite direction at probably 20mph and says “there’s morons on the trail up ahead”. 
Well thanks.  Seeing how fast he were moving and expecting that may have been part of the issue, I didn’t think much of it.  Bad me.  As I came around one of the corners there were a group of kids/teenagers on long-boards and BMX bikes, four in total.  They were all the way across the trail, so as I came up behind them I called out an “on yer’left”.  And…nothing.  No one moved.  Ah, these must be the morons.
The two kids on the long-boards looked like they were shooting video from their phones.  I let them know again that I was behind them and one of them turned around to look at me, but still no one moved.  I watched as a jogger coming the other way stepped off the trail to go around them with a shrug to me as well.  Screw this!  I waited until one of boarders drifted a bit and rode between him and one of the bikes.
I heard a chorus of “heys” and the guy on the bike moved to cut me off, but I held my line.  He caught my rear tire with his front and I’m not sure if he went down, but at that point I didn’t care.  I was grumbling about “those kids” before I stopped and remembered they were the exception.  I had passed two other collections of kids in the previous days and they had all cleared a path for me once they knew I was there.   
In other news the click is fixed.  Still not sure what it is/was, but on my ride this morning it was gone.  Speaking of rides this morning, I rode the Ibis in and will ride it back out; from home.  I am in better shape compared to this time last year, but I’m way off the mark for how I finished the season up.  That and I have to learn how to go slow all over again.  I made great time getting to work this morning, but I am going to feel it for the next few days.
I hope that we start to see nicer weather.  The roads still have a lot of sand left over from the winter on them, and a little rain causes that to kick up into my drive chain, so until the streets are cleaned I am really only willing to ride on dry days.  Maybe we are finally done with the gloom and doom of this winter.  I certainly hope so.
Oh, and: DAMN my road bike is fast!

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