Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24 - We had spring

For three whole days; and now it's gone.

I was able to use those days and get some miles in.  Depending on how the weather goes for the rest of the month, I should be close to 700 miles for the month and 1500 for the year.  I know repetitive, too bad!

I have some things to work on, but overall my jump into summer training has gone well.  I have been averaging around 19mph, 90rpm and 250 watts for my rides.  I started fine tuning my pedal stroke a bit and while it is going to take some new muscle memory to perfect, it should keep down fatigue as well as pick up my power.

The other thing I am still needing to work on is pacing myself and not chasing down the rabbits.  Part of that is the sudden increase in traffic levels.  You wouldn't know that gas prices are rising based on the volume of cars out wandering around.  Must be the economy getting better.  The increase in traffic means more aggressive drivers and means that I end up exerting myself to stay safer.

Oh who am I kidding!  The little human rabbits are my weakness.  I see the flashing red lights (or better yet none-meaning they are too worried about weight to put one one) ahead of me and it calls to me to chase it down.  The non-commuters are the worst.  They are probably home from work and doing a quick 8-10 mile loop of some hills.  They might have a phone and spare tube, but I am packing half my life with me and still I am driven to catch them.

I really need to get over it.  I need to ride my ride at my pace for my benefit and allow them to run away from me...even if they have a team kit on.

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