Monday, January 28, 2013

Progressing well

I was trying to put a widget on my blog for Strava, but failed.  Some issue I will have to work out later.

Good ride over the weekend, it was a little wet and cold, but not bad relatively.  Didn't push really hard, but enough to feel it a bit.  Set some personal records on a newer route, so I know I'm not completely stagnant.

I should finish the month up about 300 miles, which isn't high, but considering weather and sickness, I'll take it.  Weather dependent I hope to be around 500 for February.

Oh and in sad Coup de Cascades it sounds like.  The club that held it folded due to lack of membership.  It would have been nice but not necessary.  Maybe a ride to do on my own sometime...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Not a bad ride

It was the Sunday morning ride.  Several people had indicated they might ride, but with busy schedules and sickness and conditions being bad, by the morning it looked like I would be by myself.
I wasn't planning on moving fast and hoped to try a new route so it worked out ok.

My route is here: 

I only got lost once (not bad for a new route, for me) and only fell twice.  I wasn't moving fast either time, it was getting going from behind buildings that are permanently in shadows.
All told about 34 miles and average speed over 15 mph.  It included the brutal climb of Nike Hill and I picked up some new segments to challenge myself on later this season.

It looks like the rain is coming back, so riding will be hit and miss this week.  *sigh*  Oh well.
Still super excited and looking forward to the S2S later this year.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nothing....nothing much at all

I'm riding more than most of the people around here.  Ah Seattle riders, a little ice and they scatter.

Not a lot, but enough to keep me in practice.  Stupid lights have been an issue.  My MagicShine batteries have been problematic and the Kickstarter light I ordered is not here.  Even better there has been absolutely no communication from the developer Barry Beams.  In desperation I spent $50 on a L&M Mako.  It is great from basic commuting, but not something I would trust in fog or rain or at high speeds.

Let's see, oh!  Lance used drugs to win.  Huh.

My plan for the S2S is in place.  The only downside is the 4th of July in on Thursday and the race is on the 6th, which means there should be lots of drunks to dodge and lots of traffic to contend with over a created long weekend.  I'm hoping that if I do well on it AND I can get a lot of other pieces together I will have the ability to ride the Coup de Cascades.

Weight is coming along well.  Down to 176.  Only 13 pounds to go.

Drooled over the new Trek Domane.  When I can afford it, that will be my new bike.  Saw one of Ebay for about four grand.  BUT, it was ridden and signed by Chris Horner.  That's nice.  I like Chris and all, but I just want the frame.

So dodging to a dream list:
Trek Domane 6 series
Campagnolo Record EPS
MadFiber wheels

Yup just need about eight thousand dollars and I'm there.  Do I need that much bike?  No (well the frame for me would be a good fit), but that doesn't change the want.  And damnit I would be faster.

Looking to get a ride in tomorrow.  I have lots of routes planned out for training, I just have to get out and ride them.  Is summer here yet?

See...nothing.  Until next time.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A (pathetic) week in review

Managed to make one whole ride this week and that was edging on horrid.  First, even though I had thought that I tightened my crank arms down after doing work on the bottom bracket, apparently not enough.  Quick change to my other bike to realize the front tire was flat.  Oh and a second flat while on the way and in the rain without fenders.  The upside, it was the best ride of my week!

Weather has been against me and the trip to work has been challenging.  I'm still fighting my chest cold.  OK!  Done bitching.

I had an ok ride and posted it below

And I'm already down two pounds and my body isn't telling me I'm starving anymore.  AND, while cold the weather looks clear for this weekend, so even with lots going on I plan on getting some nice solid base riding in.  AND I'm begining to start the search for a new bike for my oldest.  I may end up building one so I can't get the stuff on it suited to him.

I expect to be back next week with another couple pounds lost and some good rides to report.

Monday, January 7, 2013



The sound that my ass makes as I sit on my bike seat.
Or maybe it's the sound  of my ass landing in a chair.
Or maybe it's me falling from somewhere witty back in to posting.

No matter what the sound is definitely THUD.

So here's where I am.  Mid icky weather Seattle winter. Just got over a nasty chest cold.  Ridden maybe 100 miles in the last 3 weeks. The worst part...180 pounds!  Thud.

No one on Facebook wants to read my daily metrics, so it will be here instead.  Yup rides, weight, food all that crap.  I'm hoping to figure out how to link "Lose It" and Strava to the blog so I can just upload all the stuff, but if not, I'll transfer it all manually.

Oh and ya.

Still on.

First this year.  More on that later.