Monday, October 11, 2010

RAAM seminar - October 11, 2010

It has horrible timing.  First it’s in the middle of the week and then it’s in downtown Seattle (ugh!) and then it starts and runs late.  If anyone of these were different it would be very doable. 

At this point I still haven’t ruled it out, but really 7:00 to 8:30?  The only upside to this event is that it is free.  My choices are drive to work, on a really nice day for this area in October, get off of work and either hang around in Bellevue or Seattle and then get home late.  I won’t have time to go home (or I would, but I would have to leave as soon as I got there) so I will miss bed time and everything else that night.

My other option is to take my bike to work and ride to the event.  Again I may have some time to kill (it won’t take me two hours to get to Seattle), but I may get a chance to talk with the RAAM people.  Here lay this issue.  I would then either then have to bike home and get home around ten or ask my family to come and get me which would keep the kids up past bed time.

Of course the third option is just to not go.  They are holding a seminar later this year, but that one is $125.00.  ARGG!!! I just don’t know.  Ah well I have 3 hours to figure it out.

UPDATE: Trisha helped me figure this out.  I will drive to the event, but she will bring everyone down to meet me for dinner first.  So very excited!

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