Friday, October 22, 2010

The horrible 15 - October 22, 2010

I hate 15.  My favorite number is 12, but even though it’s only 3 away, 15 is an evil number; and more so lately.  15 is the current body fat percentage that I am at.  15 is the current percentage of muscle I need to gain.  15 is the number of pounds I need to lose (well that might be overkill but you get the point).
On the positive side I am making gains towards that end.  I am down about a pound after 4 days of food monitoring and my experience tells me that it will accelerate a bit over the next couple of weeks before slowing again, so getting to about 160 by the new year shouldn’t be that big of a problem.  I had a moment of weakness last night and brought my calories flush to my BMR for the day (about 1800), with a bowl of cereal.
I found a place that may be a good resource for me later down the road in terms of biometrics and training.  It is a relatively new place in Seattle called Herriott Sports.  They seem to handle everything from VO2 max testing to a bike fit.  They currently support a number of professional teams and will be hosting the RAAM seminar in November.  Based on the web information they don’t have the “bike-snob” feel that so many other shops and trainers have, yet they obviously know what they are doing.  Hmm…future sponser?
Oh I managed to finally get my hands on a used copy of Bicycle Dreams, and hope to watch that soon.  I am basically in sponge mode, trying to get as much information as possible right now so that I can churn it around and get a more detailed plan in motion.  This movie should be great for showing the emotional drain that comes with this type of racing.
Another 15 I hate.  I will develop a whole body training schedule within the next 15 days.  12 is such a great number (just because I said so).

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