Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Water, water everywhere - Ocotober 19, 2010

The supposed source of life: water.  I really need to take after Trisha and drink more of it, but I don’t, except when I am really watching my food intake.  All the normal things, it helps make you feel full, good for you, blah blah.  The issue I have with water isn’t the water itself but all the things it does and isn’t.
It isn’t coffee.  MMM, coffee.  If I was smart I would drink less so that it had a larger effect when riding, basically a legal stimulant; but I’m not.  I love coffee, strong and black.  I actually drink about 4 cups a day now which is way down from my high at one point of probably 4 pots a day.  Water interferes with my ability to drink coffee because I can only pour so much fluid down my throat in a given period.
Water also often makes me feel bloated when I manage to drink the required amount per day (based on my weight, activity level and protein intake about a gallon), which is messed up because at the same time I need to visit a toilet every hour.  Probably due to the fact that I wander around in a perpetual state of dehydration, except when riding, it makes me feel “slooshy” (the technical term!), and sluggish, which is the opposite of what it’s supposed to do.
So while I like the concept of drinking more water I find the practice of it challenging.  Coffee should be water, than it wouldn’t be an issue.  I would say more on the topic, but I have to run and find a toilet.

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