Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Knees - February 8, 2011

I have noticed my knees aching a bit in the course of a couple of rides lately.  I gave it over to the cold, the damp, old age and figured that it would get better or it wouldn't.  It always seemed to clear up right away, so I didn't think much of it.  This morning one knee seem to continue to be irritated longer than normal.  I really need my knees!

It finally occurred to me that my summer road shoes have inserts that were put in when I had my bike fit.  Because I supinate, I have shims in my shoes to keep my knee straight when I pedal.  I have been riding all winter at high cadence and high pressure without them.  It's probably because I have such good knees to start with that I hadn't had problems up to this point.  I have almost a 3 degree change in my foot angle.  At least it is an easy fix.

I "stole" the shims from my summer shoes and put them in my commuter shoes.  That should be it.  No more aching knees.  I also verified that my LBS stocks them, so I can outfit both pairs of shoes.  My LBS is still in possession of my bike right now.  *sigh*  I can't wait until it's done.  Not that I will ride it right now but there is an empty place where it hangs.  It looks like I will be around the same mileage  as last month.  It's a little low but still more than some people drive in a month.

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