Friday, January 11, 2013

A (pathetic) week in review

Managed to make one whole ride this week and that was edging on horrid.  First, even though I had thought that I tightened my crank arms down after doing work on the bottom bracket, apparently not enough.  Quick change to my other bike to realize the front tire was flat.  Oh and a second flat while on the way and in the rain without fenders.  The upside, it was the best ride of my week!

Weather has been against me and the trip to work has been challenging.  I'm still fighting my chest cold.  OK!  Done bitching.

I had an ok ride and posted it below

And I'm already down two pounds and my body isn't telling me I'm starving anymore.  AND, while cold the weather looks clear for this weekend, so even with lots going on I plan on getting some nice solid base riding in.  AND I'm begining to start the search for a new bike for my oldest.  I may end up building one so I can't get the stuff on it suited to him.

I expect to be back next week with another couple pounds lost and some good rides to report.

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