Sunday, December 4, 2011

Whoops, it's been a few days

I had good days and bad...ish in the last few days.  Mexican food is NOT good for a diet, but good for my tummy!

I have been tracking and for the week I'm down nearly 2700 calories, which is about right for my pound and a bit of weight lost.  I haven't been as far under as I could, because I'm not burning it.  I have been eating consistently and with a good balance.  For the week I have a perfect 50/18/32 split in my food with my protein being nearly 1 gram per pound of weight.  My water intake is up and I don't feel like I'm starving.

The down side...very little riding.  The weather hasn't been horrible, cool but dry.  A lot of is simply a lack of time.  I was able to get out and do my long Mukilteo loop today though there is a major discrepancy between my computer reading for climbing (1130') and the website's that I use (2600').  So I will have to look at that coming up.  It was nice to get a little ride in at 25 miles and gave a 1000 calorie boost to my numbers.  Riding makes all the difference!

I also had good news this weekend.  I will be opening a bike shop!!!!  Not tomorrow, not the day after but in the next couple of years.  The agreement is that once I finish school I begin the work to open my own store.  I am very VERY excited by this prospect.  Lots to do between now and then and my time is already at a premium so home, school, work and training first.

I'll be around here too...I promise 

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