Monday, November 28, 2011

and then....crap

I could run to the scale and do a weigh in, but it probably hasn't changed since yesterday so I won't bother until next week.

I had a great day food-wise.  At least I mostly did.  I was WAY under coming into my last meal of the day, which really isn't good, because it means that I either have to eat a big meal to get my calories up, messing with my metabolism or not eat enough, messing with my metabolism.

The worst thing you can do is eat a big meal and make it mostly fat and carbs.  Especially if when I haven't done any riding that day.  So here is how my day ended:
1924 calories (1204 previous to the "crap"; more on that in a second)
50% carb/ 24%!!! fat/26% protein
no deficit

So my wonderful Trisha has been on a dairy free diet while nursing to make it easier on the baby.  During her visit to the doctor,  it was suggested she try dairy at this point.  Trisha really wanted it to be the right thing after her hiatus, especially if the baby was still sensitive.  Knowing this I planned on bringing her a treat and probably because I was so hungry got one for myself.

Yup a Dairy Queen, Peanut Buster Parfait has 720 calories!!!  I would like to say there was horrible guilt, but honestly it was good.  Not something to do everyday, but definitely a good treat to share with my wife.

I will be riding in the morning...

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