Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So much to do, so little time - June 7, 2011

There is so much going on!  First vacation and catching up on all the yard work.  A baby, work issues, travelling and schools round out some of the things going on over the next few months.  Even though I was falling behind already I thought if I stayed focused that I would get close to the goal of 10,000 miles by the end of the year.  I need to change that.
Initially I had hoped to stay around 8500 to 9000 but as my time becomes more and more precious and I am unable to dedicate as much time to riding I will aim for a nice safe 7500 miles for the year.  I think this is realistic and achievable based on the foreseeable future.  I can save the 10,000 for a year which is less hectic.
Weekdays I will drop to riding 3 or 4 and weekend rides will be one bigger ride every other week with the possibility for shorter rides on alternating weeks.  I will go back to working on power and worry less about endurance.  I should be able to maintain my current cycle fitness on this type of a schedule for a few months which will allow me to successfully complete a ride to Spokane in the fall if time allows.
With a lot of variables added in, it looks like I may continue my long commute to Bellevue; of course I may not either.  As I’m adjusting my goals for this year, I will take a second to outline some thoughts I have for next year.  Assuming my commute doesn’t change and depending on the bikes that I will be riding, I would like to add 10% to this year’s total next year’s total miles or about 8500 miles.  I think with the possible addition of a mixed tandem this will be something that can be accomplished.
I want to work with the kids and develop their riding, whether racing of some sort for Cameron or technical touring for Sean I think this will help them find their own niche.  Time dependant (new baby, school, work, etc) if I can get the right kind of riding in I would like to take a swing at one of the cross state records.
Looking beyond next year into 2013 (5 years to RAAM) I would like to aim to do a couple of family organized rides (short version of Flying Wheels or Kitsap Colors), hit about 9500 miles, take a run at the other cross state record and do a “perfect” morning ride with Trisha (nice temperature, dew on the grass, eerily quiet, sunlight streaming through the trees) on a half day touring ride on a mixed tandem.  I also would like to graduate or be close (independently wealthy is ok too!)
I am excited to see how this summer turns out.

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