Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Smarter planning - May 31, 2011

There has been a change in plans recently.  I won’t have to test myself, possibly physically unprepared with too few big rides, as early as initially planned.  With concerns around how my recovery time could impact the vacation and with my main support person (Trisha!) battling through an exhausting pregnancy, we decided to push my ride out until the fall, maybe September.
I will still ride over to Leavenworth and tackle the mountain pass before Trisha picks me up on her way by and we continue to Plummer that way.  Over the summer I should be able to get in a number of midsized rides in that could include Hurricane ridge, maybe an STP type ride (only solo) plus some rides with Tom Meloy and possibly Chris Ragsdale on HOWC.
With those types of rides in, Sebastian here and less pressure to get training in and not combining a recovery period with another family function, a ride in September to Idaho would be a great way to end the main part of the riding year. 
If I ever hope to race in ultra-endurance events then I need to be successful in this ride and choosing an optimum time as opposed to a convenient one is important.  I hope to tackle both the West/East and North/South Washington state crossing records over the next couple of years, so this will be a good lesson in planning appropriately.

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