Sunday, May 29, 2011

Here I sit - 05/29/2011

Mind any errors as this is getting posted from my phone. Never again will I tempt the gods of cycling. Getting ready for my first big ride of the year I commented to Trisha that I had enough equipment to handle anything other than a broken spoke.
The plan had been to do about 150 miles today with about 9000 feet of climbing. I made 20.
I was having a good ride on a clearly marked course. I had only been riding for a little over an hour in beautiful riding weather (not too warm or cold) when the course took me down a hill.  Is was a nice long, smooth drop and I was hitting about 45mph.  A came around a long corner and shifted my weight to the back or my bike in anticipation of an upcoming stop, when my front wheel started clicking and jerking. I brake as hard as I dares with my rear brake and managed to stay both upright and get stopped.
Yup, broken spoke. WTF!!!!
There had been nothing to indicate that was going to happen. So here I sit at a little after 8 in the morning once again waiting for my wonderful wife to rescue my ass while I watch streams of bikes going by.
Hey at least I get to try out my handy new app.

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