Thursday, April 21, 2011

Really? Snow? Really? - April 21, 2011

Notice the date!  It was snowing when I left my house this morning.  Ah well, it had cleared up by the time I was in Bothell.  I’ve rolled through some miles in the last little bit and should hit my target of 800-900 for this month.  I’ve recalculated total possible miles for the year and with everything going on this summer, plus my late start I’m adjusting my new target to 9000 for the year.
It isn’t my preference, but is realistic and necessary.  My initial goal of 10,000 was an ideal before figuring out the time it took and the time I don’t have available.  Based on my average speed, that is about 600 hours of riding a year or 25 days.  This isn’t nearly as horrendous as it sounds if you consider that I would normally spend 480 hours or 20 days commuting in a car.  So really I ride in a training/recreational manner for 5 days a year.
9000 miles is a very decent number and is even better considering my personal life.  Of course the extra five days of training per year are entirely due to Trisha’s support of me.  If I haven’t said it recently “Thank-you”.
On the riding side, not a lot new.  Still chasing down human-rabbits, enjoying the extra daylight, getting in the miles.  I hope to have a couple of long rides in starting in May and will get more information on those when I get closer.

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