Sunday, December 26, 2010

That time of the year - December 26, 2010

I managed to get a most of my commuting in, but with amount of things to do both at work and home, it has been a challenge to get time to post.  The only one day that I didn't was Christmas Eve, both for plans later and because there seemed to be no reason to tempt fate and become THAT headline; "father hit and killed by driver on Christmas Eve".  Ugh!

I got great gifts from Santa.  A book entitled "Mud, Sweat and Gears"  It's the story of a family on their first trip together across Canada, on bicycles.  "The Metal Cowboy" as the author is known as has done a lot of tours, but this is the first including his kids and wife.  It was an entertaining read, I will be curious to see what Trisha thinks of it.

I also got a Road ID (wrist band with my emergency information on it) so I no longer need to worry about not having my license on me at all times.  I also got a cycling calendar of old advertisements from around the world and a great new backpack.  The only scary thing with the backpack is it's size; it probably has twice the capacity of the last one, so I can now put twice the weight in it...great!

I think the great thing with a hobby is that it makes everyone's life easier in figuring out what to get and I always have a fresh supply of new cycling trinkets.  I had great thoughts, but all the fattening foods must have wiped them from my mind.  I'm back to dieting and all that after the holiday food.  I miss be young and not having to worry, I think that come summer I will be having an easier time of it with the extra riding and calories burned.

I will be curious to see how much I am improved over last year with consistent riding all through the winter.  That plus the lack of gears that I have bemoaned about, the large loads and the heavy rotational weight.  I figure that in terms of equipment by the time summer hits I will be putting out less the half the effort for the same results.  Hopefully this results in better stamina and speed (I won't hold out for climbing ability) for the upcoming year.

I will need to get a few things to get my road bike, road worthy, but nothing major.  My headset is shot, I need new cables and I have to get the bearings in my front wheel looked at.  All minor things and very little money is needed.  I am good for tires and most of the other fast wearing items for probably the entire season with the possible exception of a chain about mid season.

Rambling thoughts tonight...hmm I wonder if I have a bicycle tour in my future.  Trisha and I touring the continent.  Have to see if the book inspires horror or inspiration.

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